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Do you handle all the cleaning on site?

Absolutely. Our facility is equipped to handle all of your needs, right on the premises. Not only can we ensure quality this way, we can also offer same day service.

Will dry cleaning remove all stains?

It depends on the type of stain. Oil-based stains, such as pizza grease or body lotion, will easily dissolve when dry cleaned. Water-based stains require a different kind of approach. At Giralda Cleaners, our specialized technician will identify the stain and pretreat accordingly.

Will my custom-fit suit hold its shape?

We take special care with high-quality suits. In order to prevent losing shape or ruining at the seams, we press by hand.

What exactly is a hand-finished shirt?

When you select our deluxe service, we will launder your shirts and finish them by hand. That means we use a hand iron inside out. No wrinkled seams. No shine. No indentation marks from the button.

Can I use club soda to remove a spot?

Contrary to popular belief, club soda is not the cure-all solution. It may appear to be helping, when really it’s just spreading out the stain, breaking down the fibers, and ruining the color. Your best bet? Take it to your dry cleaner for professional stain treatment.

Should I use hairspray to remove an ink stain?

Depending on the fabric, hairspray and water can remove some ink stains. However, the alcohol and oils in hairspray can cause color damage, or even create new stains.

Is it okay to leave dry cleaned clothing in the plastic?

We cover your garments in plastic in order to protect them in transport. Once the items reach your home, we suggest removing the plastic before storing them away.

What should I do if my laundered shirt has shrunk?

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done. Check all labels beforehand to ensure the proper care. By law, garments are required to be pre-shrunk. If your shirt shrinks after being laundered, it may be an issue with the manufacturer.

Tired of finding shirts with missing buttons?

At Giralda Cleaners, we offer guaranteed button replacement. We’ll replace your standard buttons for FREE…or we’ll pay you $5 if we miss any.

Do you recycle?

Yes, we recycle hangers. We also teamed up with Go Green Charity Recyclers to offer a used clothing recycling program. Visit for more details.

Do you have a referral program?

Absolutely. We appreciate your loyalty and trust! For each referral that becomes a customer, we will give your $10 towards your dry cleaning, plus $10 off your referral’s first order.

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