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First-class treatment—for you and your garments.

The value of a good dry cleaner goes well beyond having your pants cleaned and pressed. It’s being able to speak directly to the owner anytime you have a concern. Or simply being able to trust that your hand-stitched Italian dress shirt will be returned in mint condition.

At Giralda Cleaners, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. As a family-owned and operated dry cleaning business, we offer top-notch service and convenience in the heart of Miami.

Quality—Extend the life of your favorite threads.

With the right care, your extra fine Merino wool sweater will stay as soft as the day you brought it home. Your delicate heirloom table linens will come back crisp and wrinkle-free. Your silk dress will hold its shape and texture.

FREE Pickup & Delivery—One less thing on your list.

Your shirts are piling up and you barely have time to grab lunch let alone do laundry. Relax, we can come to you. With just one call, we’ll pick up your pile, clean, press, and deliver to your door—at no extra cost.

Curbside Service—Get in and out in minutes flat.

Can’t find parking? Baby just fell asleep? With our call-ahead service, you won’t even have to turn off the ignition. Just give us a heads-up and we’ll gladly have your items brought out to your car.

Same Day Service—Wear what you want, when you want.

Yes, you can still sport your favorite suit for tonight’s last-minute event. Drop off your items or schedule a pickup. We’ll have it ready for you just in time!

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